Guess the City: Answer

The city with the most person of color software engineers working for Software/Internet employers in the U.S. is...

24 Mar 2022
Tim on Unsplash

Thanks to those who joined us on Tuesday for the Guess the City post. Let's see how you did...

City A, coming in at 71% is San Francisco Bay Area and City B coming in at 58% is Miami, Florida. We broke down the details on the ethnicity within each of the cities in the graph below.

San Francisco Bay Area experiences a huge influx of international talent (India being a large driver) as a result of the thriving job market. Additionally, cities with higher salaries such as San Francisco attract more diverse talent looking for opportunities. We expect San Francisco to continue to score well within our diversity metrics.Miami also scores relatively high on the diversity scale with a software engineering breakdown of 36% Hispanic, 14% Asian, and 7% Black. Miami is a diverse, multilingual, and multicultural population often referred to as The Gateway to Latin America. These unique characteristics have continued to generate a unique talent pipeline for the future of Miami as a technology hub. We'll see you next week for our next Guess the City.

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