We're revolutionizing workforce strategy.

Data science and machine learning have transformed almost every aspect of business—except workforce strategy. Our founders discovered that comprehensive “people and places” data about talent, cost, and competition in different markets isn’t easy to find. Analytics and algorithms to help HR leaders find relevant trends aren’t exactly common either. 

That’s why we founded Terrain. Our platform applies rigorous analytics to extensive real-time data to help companies find the best-value markets and people to build a diverse, talented workforce and support sustainable growth.

“I’ve always believed that talent is the most important asset to every business. With today’s talent pool being more liquid than ever before and data being highly fragmented and siloed, I wanted to build a modern system that creates an information advantage, delivering critical business insights from talent insights to change the way leaders analyze markets, hire the best talent, and manage risk more effectively.”

Mark Jacobson
Founder & CEO

“Mark and I founded Terrain when we learned how little data company site selection search processes have about talent pools in different cities. Our backgrounds in Human Capital and data science gave us unique ideas on how to approach this problem.”

Riley Kinser
Cofounder & Head of Product

“Talent is one of the most essential contributors to a company’s success. With my passion for people and solving problems, I was thrilled to join Terrain’s mission to help companies go behind the numbers to make more effective decisions.”

Emily Durr
Customer Success Manager

“Growing up in a small town where one large tech company was the primary employer, I was excited to join Terrain’s mission to help companies make data-driven decisions around site selection. These decisions have a massive impact on the community they choose as well as the company itself.”

Cord Meados
Full Stack Engineer

“As a former Immunologist, I’ve always been fascinated by how systems work. People are incredibly complex which makes for a very interesting data science problem to work on.”

Nathan Berkley
Software Engineer

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