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Using data and automation to understand how talent influences markets and it's impact on your business.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions on Where to Compete and Where to Hire

A unified view of talent and location

Terrain is the only platform that connects fragmented, siloed Company and Geographic data sources with Talent data sources. We track 100M+ people, across 150+ roles and 10M+ companies and apply machine learning to unify, structure and interpret it for an unprecedented view of different talent pools around the world.

Customized for your business

With Terrain, you can analyze both macro-level (country, state, city), as well as a deep, granular level (neighborhoods, companies and people) data to compare and assess talent in different markets, Our solutions eliminate the manual work required to extract the most value from data and present visual clarity to help you build a growth strategy that’s specific to your business.

A Real-time pulse on talent markets

Unlike existing solutions that only provide static data sets that are frequently outdated, we continually track Talent Flows to see where differentiated pools of talent are going so you can monitor and understand what people and companies are doing "right now".

Global, yet local

Our data is english-centric but international, so we can provide insights about the deepest and most recruitable talent pools all around the world. Even with the smallest pools we can drill down on an individual employee level to uncover the highest quality talent and best value markets.


We’ve incubated concepts and worked deeply with some of the largest talent acquisition teams and real estate firms in the world to understand their challenges and needs. It’s allowed us to refine our platform to a point that positions them one click away from making decisions that drive action and scale.

Why Use Terrain?

We’ve partnered with the best to understand how talent influences geographies

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Find locations that yield access to the best and biggest pools of talent for your business

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