Find your growth markets for talent.

Terrain’s Workforce Analytics provides companies with insights on how to find the best value markets with the deepest and most recruitable talent pool.

Our platform unifies disparate, siloed data and uses machine learning & data science to help our customers to form a holistic view on evolving Talent Trends and Labor Pools, improve Site Selection decisions and generate greater investment conviction for current or considered Cities & Neighborhoods.

Our data contextualizes markets, eliminates location bias, reduces volatility risk, and helps companies to optimize where to build based on talent.

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Terrain helps companies make data-driven decisions where to build around talent

Our unified data platform gathers, structures, and interprets data from over 80 different sources and meaningfully extracts insights on 500M+ resumes and 60M+ companies globally.


Build talent acquisition strategies that your leadership can align on. Forecast talent centrality, analyze trade-offs and optimize the impact of business decisions to achieve market leadership.


See the flow of talent in and out of cities at the industry, company and functional level. Monitor headcount, quality, seniority and tenure to understand hiring competitiveness in each market.


Understand the quality, availability and accessibility of talent in different geos so you can plan and build your workforce in markets that are best suited to grow your business.


Cast a wider candidate net, beyond major metros, by understanding the composition of talent pools in different geos, and which have the greatest potential of meeting your diversity hiring goals.


Expand and enter new markets with less risk and fewer resources by understanding the depth and recruitability of talent in specific markets before you invest in them.


Level the playing field and gain a  competitive advantage by leveraging advanced analytics to increase the velocity of decision making and recruit candidates faster.

Our Strategic Workforce Analytics

We unify, structure, and synthesize fragmented and complex data so you're only one step away from a smart decision.

Use Cases

Talent Acquisition

Find and hire the highest quality and most recruitable candidates.

Identify cities with the most actionable and diverse hires that best support your key skill build-outs such as Centers of Excellence, Engineering Hubs and Customer Success Hubs—so you can acquire and retain top talent quickly.

Before Terrain, we didn’t know where the best markets for talent were for our business. Terrain helped us identify the best geos, gave us the insights we needed to have a data-driven conversation with our executive team and build a strategy we were confident about.

Leslie Pendergrast, Chief People Officer

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Geographic Expansion

Find the optimal locations for expanding your workforce.

Whether you’re thinking about multi-city expansion or optimizing your Hub & Spoke model, we’ll help you identify the top global and local markets for talent that meet your specific business and infrastructure needs.

When we wanted to look at Acquihire targets to augment our technical talent acquisition efforts, Terrain’s machine learning enabled us to process massive amounts of data and surface a multitude of new options very quickly. Pairing this with our own team’s network & knowledge provided us with a bespoke yet robust universe of companies fast & efficiently.

Corp Dev Leader @ Splunk

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Workforce Diversification

Access a deeper, more diverse pool of candidates.

Use data to get a better understanding of talent composition in the right markets to improve your hiring strategy and effectively achieve your DEI goals.

These guys are not a research firm. Terrain is a next gen technology solution. The insights we got from them gave us clarity into the best markets with the best talent for our business, and enabled us to take immediate action. That’s unprecedented.

Pallaw Sharma, Chief Data Science Officer

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Find locations that yield access to the best and biggest pools of talent for your business

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