Strategic teams harness real-time data to make better decisions

For enterprises

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Global expansion/Centers of excellence

Game-changing insights that fuel strategic growth

Leverage talent intelligence to refine your expansion strategies. Gain access to advanced analytics and data to guide you in identifying centers of excellence and prioritizing the right talent markets, ensuring your decisions are data-driven.

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“Asking questions helps to drive Terrain’s continuos evolution. Collaboration is also a key element in working together, with a focus on interpreting data correctly and predicting future questions for internal teams. Understanding Terrain’s capabilities and sharing them is essential for optimal utilization.”
Heather Sepulveda
Global Talent Intelligence Lead - Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Make strategic workforce decisions without compromising speed or analysis

In the face of talent distribution challenges, companies in all industries struggle to understand market dynamics, often making decisions based on hearsay rather than data. Leveraging Terrain's global workforce analytics, Takeda gained the capability to conduct sophisticated analysis of core talent and locations.

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Corporate Real Estate Consolidation

Conduct a strategic review of the workforce available around your office locations.

Leverage talent intelligence in your consolidation strategies to ensure decisions are guided by data, shifting the dialogue from personal beliefs to quantifiable results.

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"When we needed to concentrate our workplace strategy on the best growth markets for top engineering talent, we looked to Terrain data to help us understand which were the best growth markets that had the deepest talent pools. We were able to quickly understand the best cities for us with the right talent, while streamlining our operations to achieve significant cost savings."
Roger Van Overbeek
Director of Corporate Real Estate - Autodesk

For commercial real estate

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Office Leasing Brokers

Solutions for client's workforce challenges

Solve your clients’ people and locations problems with data-backed insights into different markets, globally. We make it easy for you to deliver differentiated data that helps clients make better office location strategy decisions. Accelerating the time from market identification to execution.

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"Our broker introduced us to Terrain to compare our final two cities. Despite already selecting a new city, Terrain's surprising insights showed our runner-up city outperformed on every metric, leading to executive-level conversations on our global workforce strategy. We now work with Terrain to analyze talent in cities worldwide."
VP of Global Real Estate & Workplace for High Tech Company
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Commercial Real Estate Investors

Learn about your tenant's world

Discover what drives your tenants by getting to know the user groups and the local workforce around your asset. Terrain enables you to benchmark new markets and gain a deeper insight into the workforce characteristics that define your leasing demographics.

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"Terrain provides us with unique insights into talent at both the market and individual building level that no one else has. It has allowed us to provide a differentiated level of advice and service to our clients, which gives us a significant advantage over our competitors and increases our transaction volume."
Jeff Weber
Managing Director - Eastdil Secured

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