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Metro Benchmark

Market Discovery

Instantly benchmark metro areas globally for your target talent.

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Rank metro feature of the market discovery product. Attractiveness score being showed by city.

Rank Metros

Compare talent using our Attractiveness score.

Refine search feature of the market discovery product. Places being pinned for better comparison.

Refine Search

Save cities to compare in other searches.

Competitive landscape feature of the market discovery product. Companies being searched and showing results by city.

Competitive Landscape

Flag your competitors to see which metros they have a presence in.

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Global Workforce

Market Intelligence

Dive deeper into metros to identify key characteristics of your target workforce and compare metros directly.

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Demographics data feature of the market intelligence product. Data section highlighting percentage of international talent.

Demographics Data

Understand the profile of your prospective workforce across ethnicity, gender, education, experience, and immigration status.

Talent competitors feature of the market intelligence product. Table of the 30 employers of a city.

Talent Competitors

Identify the top companies you'll be competing with for your target talent profile.

TalentRank score being showed by role.


Leverage our AI-driven insights around technical talent to get a sense of engineering and scientific talent quality around the world.

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Intelligence

Empower yourself with real-time snapshots that summarize crucial company trends.

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Competitive Intelligence product. Coming soon!
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Market Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

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