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We train your team to use our system and interpret your data.


We help you construct and apply analytics to answer your most important questions.


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You select the best markets and talent pools to expand your business.

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"These guys are not [just] a research firm: Terrain is a next-gen technology solution. The insights ... gave us clarity into the best markets with the best talent for our business, and enabled us to take immediate action. That’s unprecedented."

Pallaw Sharma
Chief Data Science Officer, Johnson & Johnson

"When we needed to concentrate our workplace strategy on the best growth markets for top engineering talent, we looked to Terrain data to help us understand which were the best growth markets that had the deepest talent pools. We were able to quickly understand the best cities for us with the right talent, while streamlining our operations to achieve significant cost savings."

Roger van Overbeek
Director of Corporate Real Estate, Autodesk

"Before Terrain, we didn’t know where the best markets for talent were for our business. Terrain helped us identify the top geos, and gave us the insights we needed to build a strategy we were confident about, and that would allow us to have data-driven conversations with executives."

Leslie Pendergrast
Chief People Officer, Outreach

"When one of our portfolio companies was struggling to hire top talent in their core market, we tapped Terrain to help identify optimal markets to expand into. Their data helped us determine where the best, deepest and most cost-effective talent pools were that mapped to our companies specific technical requirements. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results."

Hannah Johnson
Head of HR, Thoma Bravo

"Our broker introduced us to Terrain to compare our final two cities. Despite already selecting a new city, Terrain's surprising insights showed our runner-up city outperformed on every metric, leading to executive-level conversations on our global workforce strategy. We now work with Terrain to analyze talent in cities worldwide."

VP of Global Real Estate & Workplace for High Tech Company (Confidential)

"When we wanted to look at Acquihire targets to augment our technical talent acquisition efforts, Terrain’s machine learning enabled us to process massive amounts of data and surface a multitude of new options very quickly. Pairing this with our own team’s network & knowledge provided us with a bespoke yet robust universe of companies fast & efficiently."

Corporate Development Leader, Splunk

"In the past, the post-acquisition process of identifying and retaining top talent was a manual and cumbersome process that would have taken us months. With the Terrain data, we were able to quickly analyze the acquired team, identify top performers who were “at risk” of churning, and begin formulating a retention strategy -  all within 30 days."

John Jenkins
Fmr CFO, Valassis

"Terrain provides us with unique insights into talent at both the market and individual building level that no one else has. It has allowed us to provide a differentiated level of advice and service to our clients, which gives us a significant advantage over our competitors and increases our transaction volume."

Jeff Weber
Managing Director, Eastdil Secured

"Terrain’s data platform provides us with access to insights that we cannot get anywhere else. Combined with our own market knowledge, it enables us to develop investment conviction through all nature of volatility."

Rajiv Patel
President, Spear Street Capital

"Terrain’s solution fit our needs perfectly. Their data was tremendously helpful in narrowing our list of target cities, providing the quantitative data we were seeking in order to build conviction on our location strategy, and helping us identify where we could optimize the candidate pool across several different functions. The Terrain team was highly engaged and invested in our expansion success, resulting in a fast and efficient process."

Brad Woodcox
Head of Operations, EarnUp

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